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Field Fit's Big OCR Weekend!


Competitive and Non-Competitive Leagues


Fun for all abilities!

Here at Field Fit we are hosting an awesome weekend of racing for all abilities! Our competitive competition is held over 2 days (camping is available), whilst our less competitive competition (for all abilities) is on the Saturday only.

Saturday: Each racer can practice from 08:00 to see the course and have a go on the obstacles. We will then run two leagues, one which is competitive, and one which is less-competitive for all abilities. The basic race format is that each racer will run the 1 mile course three times, and the average time taken will then be your final result. Racers start the day with three wristbands, and for each obstacle failed you will lose one, which represents a time penalty. If you lose all three an additional penalty is applied.

For the non-competitive league, the winner is declared on the day. This will be a fun and friendly league for all abilities. For the competitive league the top half of entrants will go through to the Sunday competition.

Sunday: Competitive racers that make it through to Sunday will be face a shorter (est. 300m) short course with 12 obstacles. The format for the day is head to head racing with the winner of each race progressing through until only 1 winner remains. Obstacles are all mandatory.

Camping: Camping is included in the price of a competitive league entry for one pitch. Anyone else wishing to camp can purchase additional pitches below.

Race Categories: Male, female, under-16


  • Prices go up after August 1st!
  • Saturday Non-Competitive league entry (no camping) – £35
  • Competitive league entry (including one free tent pitch) – £55
  • Additional tent pitch – £5 (must be booked in advance)

*note: rules are subject to change up until the event runs, but the finalised rules will be briefed on the day.


Field Fit is open from 08:00 so you can familiarise yourself with the course.

Race the course 3 times.

Race our 1 mile course 3 times to get your average score. There are time penalties for obstacle failures.

Qualify for Sunday

Top half of the Competitive League goes through to Sunday

Race Head to Head

Head to head races until a winner is found!

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